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5 Amazing Apps for Amazon Sellers Accounting

One of the core challenges in Amazon accounting is growing up and scaling. When the transactions grow, you have higher order volume, you buy inventory a lot faster and a lot more, you hire a team to help you with time-consuming tasks… You may ask, will your bookkeeping and accounting work grow faster too? Will it require more time and more cost, more apps, and more people to do?

One of the most common mistakes Amazon/eCommerce sellers make with their bookkeeping/accounting is syncing every order into QuickBooks Online. This populates too much data, and with so many things happening in your Amazon transactions, QuickBooks Online will not be able to keep up. Reviewing and reconciling these synced transactions is also a big mess.

Another big mistake Amazon/eCommerce sellers often make is trying to use QuickBooks Online for inventory management. Yes, QuickBooks Online has inventory features but are very limited. With lots of events happening to your inventory inside and outside Amazon, QuickBooks Online cannot monitor them all. Updating and maintaining accurate records is also a lot harder when doing this in QuickBooks Online. If you have a lot of SKUs, soon it will become too crowded inside QuickBooks Online to monitor. It’s best to use another third-party app to manage your inventory.

So what applications are recommended to avoid these issues above?

Today, we share with you our tried and tested, recommended applications for accounting and inventory management for your Amazon business or eCommerce business.

1. QuickBooks Online

This will be our most recommended accounting software to consolidate all financial transactions happening in your Amazon/eCommerce business.

The essential version is usually enough, get at least this one.

If you want to track classes and location, for example, you want to track different brands, countries, or marketplaces…then get the plus version.

A2X is the gold standard for Amazon or eCommerce accounting apps. It simplifies accounting by syncing Amazon settlements with a single entry breaking down all transactions as a summary.

A2X syncs settlements according to the month the products are sold so it\’s accrual accounting compliant.

Even if your business grows and the number of orders grows, A2X will still create 1 single entry for each settlement, effectively avoiding data overload in QuickBooks Online.

A2X syncs Amazon Sales, Amazon fees, adjustments, reimbursements, and Cost of Goods Sold to QuickBooks Online.

InventoryLab is a great inventory management app for Amazon sellers. It can help in listing products, product research, monitoring inventory balances and unit costs, viewing the cost of goods sold, and a lot more from its detailed reporting capabilities.

With seller software companies’ tight competition to sell their services to Amazon and eCommerce sellers, InventoryLab has been the leader mainly because of its extensive product listing services that directly connect to Amazon FBA.

InventoryLab is ideal for high-turnover Amazon businesses such as online arbitrage, wholesale, and private labels. Any Amazon seller can use InventoryLab to save time and costs.

It’s obvious that every Amazon seller has access to Seller Central reports. Some of the most important reports you should be looking at are:

a. Payment reports

b. Fulfillment reports

c. Sales Reports

d. Inventory Reports

e. Advertising Reports

With so many new apps becoming available you may think that Excel or Google Sheets are becoming outdated.

But a lot of times, Excel and Google Sheets do simple reports, computations, and customized presentations a lot easier.

So this app is still one of the core apps we can use for Amazon or eCommerce accounting/bookkeeping!

NOTE: Accounting for your Amazon business is a complicated stuff, please don’t try to do it yourself. Ask for a qualified eCommerce bookkeeper or Amazon accountant to help.

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