5 Amazing Reasons E-commerce Sellers Should Use A2X

5 Amazing Reasons E-commerce Sellers Should Use A2X

What does A2X do? It is a world-class software company that automates accurate e-commerce accounting for thousands of e-commerce businesses worldwide.

It is an add-on app that simplifies your bookkeeping entries by posting settlement summaries to QuickBooks, Xero, or Sage, with Sales, Fees, and COGS automatically corresponding with your payouts – so they reconcile perfectly. A2X splits out settlements if they span over 2 months.

A2X is best for businesses selling on Amazon, Shopify, Etsy, and eBay.

It’s a bad idea to add your Amazon deposits directly to Quickbooks Online without splitting them. This lump sum approach does not give you the details to understand properly how you are spending on ads, FBA fees, shipping fees, promotions, returns, reimbursements, etc. on Amazon.

A2X is the gold standard in e-commerce accounting for Shopify, Amazon, Walmart, Etsy, and eBay businesses. This is

You can customize how you want to show the different Amazon fees and taxes in your books as summaries. You can even break down sales by brand or grouping criteria if you want to track the profitability of different sectors of your Amazon business.

Why A2X is the one we recommend? Because it’s proven to work!

Here are some of the features we like about A2X more than other existing alternatives:

1. Accrual Accounting

It is often more desirable and accurate to recognize sales, and fees during the month of sale instead of the date of receiving the payouts/deposits.

A2X breaks it down to two entries when the payout span two months. This approach ensures the sales and fees get recognized for the actual month of sale…not on the day the payout was received.

2. Accurate and Reliable! A2X is simple to set up, easy to use, efficient, and highly reliable.

This saves time not only for the business owner but also for the accountant, allowing them to have more time to check on other areas of your business accounting.

Getting amazon deposits accounting as accurate as possible is the one thing A2X does best.

3. Great Customer Support

The whole time we used A2X, their support team always answers our questions fast…any time of the day!

They are super friendly and reliable and will do their best to help you out…this is best on our personal experience working with them

4. Accurate Cost of Goods Sold

The Cost of Goods Sold is something you should not forget to account for properly. As e-commerce sellers…inventory cost and purchase cost for items you sell should form part of the cost of goods sold.

Shipping cost, customs duties, freight, and other costs to bring your product to available for sale state should be recognized as part of the cost of goods sold.

A2X can help account for the cost of goods sold for specific units sold per month in the accrual accounting approach. This means the cost of goods sold will match the actual month of the sale.

5. Simple and Summarized, with fewer entries in your accounting system

Some apps sync Amazon sales per order, this is absolutely not recommended to do. Not only will this flood your accounting system with customer details for lots of people that are already inside your Amazon seller reports but as your sales grow…QuickBooks online will become so slow to the point it will be a pain to use.

A2X syncs a journal entry that summarizes all the details of Amazon sales and fees for each settlement only. This reduces the volume of entries added to your accounting system and stays the same no matter how large your business gets.

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