5 Great Benefits QuickBooks Online Offers Better

5 Great Benefits QuickBooks Online Offers Better

Are you still using QuickBooks desktop? Have you ever wondered if it’s time to move on to the online version, or are you already thinking but aren’t sure yet.

Here are five great benefits you will get that QuickBooks Online does better than the desktop version:

BENEFIT 1: Accessibility

QuickBooks Online is cloud-based so you can access it anytime anywhere. It also has mobile apps that let you access your books using iOS and Android.

QuickBooks desktop is hosted locally on your PC, accessibility is thus limited.

BENEFIT 2: Sharing with Accountants

You can invite your accountant via email at no additional cost and your accountant can access your books from any device with an internet connection.

QuickBooks desktop cannot work with your accountant in real-time. You have to use the Accountants Copy of your file, and send it to your accountant to work on.

BENEFIT 3: Upgrading your subscription

You can easily upgrade your QuickBooks Online plans as your business grows. You can also add any apps to sync with QuickBooks Online to add more functionality.

QuickBooks desktop upgrading can be complex, and you need to buy new versions of the product on a yearly basis. Backward compatibility is almost non-existent, your older QuickBooks cannot open files created from a new one.

BENEFIT 4: Mileage tracking

All QuickBooks Online plans include mileage tracking. You can automatically track your mileage using Android and iOS mobile apps.

QuickBooks Desktop does not include mileage tracking, you need to input the data manually.

BENEFIT 5: Easy to use

QuickBooks Online is far easier to use and easier to learn.

QuickBooks Desktop has more functions, and menus, and requires a more steep learning curve.

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Still, thinking over the edge?

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